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Devannu Interior desgin serving Westchester and New York


The Midtown Office has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, therefore, designer and the client continued the concept of ‘The Art of Connecting the Dots.’ This concept is translated onto the facade in the form of a dot matrix with cement blocks and shows the deconstructed ring logo of the company… again with the idea of connecting the dots. This pattern is, however, the design concept of the firm to connect & collaborate not only with their clients but also internally with the different departments, the heads, and the employees. The reception area’s earth installation represents the company’s tagline of being the best ring company on Planet Joy. The adjacent wall rightly features a quote by Andy Warhol with a small center table taking the form of a clock that appropriately matches with the quote- ‘the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting’.

As one enters the different floors of this six-story structure, the concept ‘emotions of love’ – aptly fits into a company that manufactures engagement rings. The different reception areas remind us of the different places we would visit when we in are in love, like a florist shop to buy flowers, a park, a café and candy store, and movie theater. The conference room on each floor is designed like a café to create a fun and relaxed environment where people can connect and collaborate. There are various areas all around the building to host informal meetings with marker boards, pin boards, and shelves with inspiring books to read. Along the perimeter of the building, breakout areas have been created with large seating pods, for those quick chai breaks.

The main floor has the Boardroom with wood paneling and insets to house the rings boxes of the different retailers. A small and informal Iranian café is created in the hallway for those informal meetings. The lobby area on the main floor features a writable wall for all the visiting clients to write a message for the firm. Lastly, the basement houses the cafeteria that emulates the city in various ways in terms of the color and artwork used. There is also a recreation area provided with a space to play gully cricket, a popular Indian sport.